Area rugs tie your room together and add an extra layer of dimension to your home’s style. Rugs complement all flooring types, especially hardwood floors.

Whether you know exactly what you want or need some guidance, the team at Stroud’s Flooring has four decades of experience and knows how to help you find the perfect rug.

Add Warmth and Excitement to Your Space

A rug might just be your missing piece of decor. Whether you want something premade or custom, our experts will help you find the perfect rug to tie the room together.

Area rugs have several great benefits:

Added Comfort

A cushioned area rug is great for standing, playing, working, or even just taking a nap.

Added Warmth

Area rugs not only add visual warmth to your home, but they also add literal warmth in the colder months.

That added warmth is especially useful if you have hardwood floors that don’t insulate as well during the winter.

Noise Dampening

For those who want the noise dampening of carpet but don’t like the look, area rugs fulfill a similar function.

Strategically placed rugs allow you to make your home a bit quieter.

Custom Rug Binding for Homes, Businesses, and RVs

Rug binding services in Tyler, TX, allow you to create a high-quality custom rug using any of our carpets.

We offer an expansive selection of shapes, colors, and sizes - with lengths up to 18 feet. Whether it’s in your home, business, or even your RV, we have a team ready to help you.

Let’s Help You Love Your Home

The perfect area rug can take your home from good to great.

We have an A+ Rating from the BBB and are fully committed to providing you the best experience possible.

The team at Stroud’s Flooring is committed to finding you the perfect rug. We don’t have salesmen, so you’ll always work with the owners.

Stop by for a consultation today, and let’s help you love your home.

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