Searching for flooring contractors in Lindale, TX? Whether you want carpet, hardwood flooring, or vinyl flooring in your Lindale, TX, home, Stroud’s Flooring is here to help.

Since we have our own flooring contractors in Lindale, TX, we can handle the whole process. Our in-house installers will handle everything from initial consultation to the final installation.

When you’re ready to invest in your home’s flooring, give the team at Stroud’s Flooring a call.

Flooring Installation Company in Lindale, TX

Is your current flooring showing signs of wear? Do you have excessive scratches and scuffs or water damage?

Even if your flooring doesn’t look terrible, replacing it every 10 to 15 years is good practice.

If you’re overdue for new flooring, we’ve got plenty of options:

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We Have Our Own Installers

Whether it’s a natural material, synthetic flooring, or carpet for your Lindale, TX, home, we’ve got the installation covered.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating your purchase and installation at Stroud’s Flooring.

Our in-house team of floor and tile installers in Lindale, TX, will come to you, making the process seamless. You’ll have the complete idea of what you’ll pay for materials and labor for the whole job.

Never guess at what a separate floor contractor in Lindale, TX, will charge for your installation. Utilize our comprehensive sales and installation services.

Carpet Installation in Lindale, TX

When you need carpet contractors in Lindale, TX, contact Stroud’s Flooring. Our in-house contractors will make sure your carpet is installed on-time and efficiently.

Tile Installation in Lindale, TX

Stroud’s Flooring has in-house tile contractors for your Lindale, TX, home installation project. When you want to invest in sturdy flooring or backsplash materials, we’re the tile installers in Lindale, TX, that you need

Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

LVP is durable, easy to clean, and hardwearing. When you want beautiful flooring with low maintenance needs, contact Stroud’s Flooring about LVP.

And More

Whether it’s hardwood, laminate, or anything else, Stroud’s Flooring has the best in-house flooring installation contractors in Lindale, TX.

Area Rugs in Lindale, TX

You might not need new flooring just yet, but every home can benefit from area rugs. Rugs can act as a focal point of any room. Add warmth to your Lindale, TX home with area rugs when the cold weather hits.

Stroud’s Flooring has both premade and custom size rug options, so we can find the perfect choice for your home.

Rug Binding in Lindale, TX

If a custom area rug won’t quite fit your needs, utilize our rug binding services in Lindale, TX.

Rug binding allows you to take any carpet we have and make it into a durable, custom area rug.

We offer all sorts of shapes and sizes - with lengths up to 18 feet.

Flooring Warranty

New flooring is a significant investment, and we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase.

All of our installations are backed by a one-year installation warranty. Anything that goes wrong in your first year will be fixed promptly - at no cost to you.

Combine our warranty with the flooring manufacturer’s warranty, and you’ve got maximum peace of mind.

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